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Tripura, the land of Mythology and Legends



      The origin of the name of Tripura state is fully shrouded with mythology and legends. According to Hindu mythology there was a mighty powerful demon king by the name Tripurasur. He was so powerful that all the kings of India were subdued by him. As per the Sivamahapuran it is stated that- one day Narada wanted to know from his father Brahma how such mighty Tripur king was defeated. Then Brahma narrated the story this way, -Tripur was ardent devotee of Siva. He would not take even a sip without worshipping Siva. He had constructed huge temple of Siva in his country. Every house of under his control had Siva deity, all the citizens were loyal followers of Siva. No other gods were worshipped and had any temple, nor there ever any festival for any other gods. There was no irreligious activity in the kingdom of Tripur, all sacred scripture like Veda, Puran etc. were studied all the time. When other gods tried their luck in the kingdom of Tripur, all of them did not get any regard and any worship from the people of Tripur kingdom. This annoyed all the other gods except then Siva and felt humiliated at the hands of people of Tripur kingdom. At this all the gods came to Brahma and sought his intervention. He said that he can not go against the Veda and righteousness as king Tripur was following all these. At this point Brahma told the story-any one who is fervent devotee of Siva he can not be killed. He told even Ravana could not be killed by the Sudarshan Chakra of Vishnu, so he had to take re-birth as incarnation through Rama and he had to worship to Siva before going in war with Ravana which is now the Rameshwar temple of Siva. Brahma said-when we all the gods went to Siva and complained him of the activity of Tripur then Lord Mahadeva said that-Tripur is ardent devotee of him, he had not done any irreligious acts so he can not kill his follower Tripur. All the gods returned empty handed from the Mount Kailash, the abode of lord Siva and asked to go to Vishnu. They are all despaired and broken hearted.

Now again all the gods sought the help and suggestion from Vishnu. They are asked to do Yagna for Siva, a Makhpati  was born. They requested him to destroy and kill Tripur. But he replied that he could do nothing to a person who is the diehard follower of Siva. Then Vishnu made one crore Sivalinga and worshipped and meditated for Siva nonstop day and night. Siva was pleased by this and blessed hem with Trishul, gada, and many demons and power rakshas soldiers were born out of it; all of them were ordered to go for a fight with Tripur and kill him, taking all the arms and ammunition that was given by lord Siva. But as soon as they entered the kingdom of king Tripur all them were burnt to ashes by the power of lord Siva.

When Vishnu got the news of this, he was saddened and made a deep meditation to get the answer of it. He asked all the gods to make a Siva linga and worship him for three nights. After that Vishnu himself sat for meditation and worship of Siva, when a man was born out of his body by the name of Mundi, he was then ordered to go to the kingdom of Tripur and preach irreligion. For this Vishnu wore a false religious book containing 16,000 sloka. It was against the Veda and purana, against the virtues, manners, ethics, and code of conduct. Mundi first preached from this false scripture among the people of kingdom of Tripur, then Narada in disguise became the disciple, and the same was intimated to Tripurasur. He was very much pleased, glad and happy to learn the false irreligious scripture of Vishnu. Tripur was then made ardent disciple of Mundi, and was hypnotized to do all irreligious and acts of vices and immoral. The people of Tripur thus became anti-Veda and anti-traditional religion, there was anarchy, chaos, immoral, un chastity.

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After these all gods approached to Mount Kailash and worshipped to Siva, when he was pleased and asked what blessing they want from him. They told them the plight of people of Tripurasurs kingdom. Siva opened his third eye and looked at the kingdom of Tripur and his activity. He saw that Tripur was very much irreligious, who does not worship Siva any more, they were all worshipping false gods and following the false rituals and practices. All the people were followers of anti gods and they were practicing against the ancestors rites and rituals. There was full of anarchy, criminals, there was no order of rules and compassion. Every boy was busy with sensual pleasure and physical comforts. The were showing disregard to Siva and his customs, there was not a single linga worshipped in the land of Tripur.

By seeing this, the God of gods, the Lord Siva, the Mahadeva; the Maheshwara got angry. He then determined to kill Tripur, the devotee of false gods, followers of irreligious rituals, and unsacred books. Shiva then meditated for years together to invent special Trisul which we may equalize with the present day atom bomb. Tripur was killed instantaneously by lord Siva. All the people are also convinced that they were following false gods. According to Hindu mythology the name of Tripura state derived his way.  

 According to Rajmala, the royal chronicle of Tripura, Tripur was son of king Daitya. He was very much ritualistic and religious person, he was kind hearted and compassionate to the people. Tripur was very arrogant, proud, ruthless, heartless, and merciless. He banned the worship of Siva and other ritualistic activity in his country, people were tortured, put to death sentence even for minor crimes, where as he was acting like leader of a criminal gang. The people of his kingdom were suffering from different brutal tortures, they were suppressed, oppressed, even women were not spared. He used to capture any women as his wife, whoever was beautiful, whether married or unmarried. Every body felt unsafe and insecure in the land of Tripura kingdom. So one day all the citizen of Tripura prayed to the almighty God of gods lord Siva to save them from the oppression of Tripur. Thus he was happy by their prayer of his children and asked their desire. They sought relief from the iron hands of Tripur, which he assured them.

So one day lord Siva appeared before king Tripur, when he tried to attack Siva back. Siva at once took out his Trisul and thrown on Tripur and killed him. The queen of Tripur, Heeravati was then blessed with a virtuous son, Trilochan or respectfully known as Subrai or Sibrai as blessed by him. The land of Tripura was named after this mighty king, Tripur. It was how the name of Tripura had derived according to the historical royal chronicle of Tripura the Rajmala.

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